About Us

Peyanmer News Agency is a prominent news organization based in Iraq, dedicated to providing accurate and timely news coverage to both domestic and international audiences. With a commitment to journalistic integrity, Peyanmer News Agency strives to deliver unbiased and comprehensive news reports on a wide range of topics, including politics, current affairs, business, culture, and more.

Led by a team of seasoned journalists and editors, Peyanmer News Agency prides itself on its deep-rooted understanding of Iraq’s socio-political landscape and its ability to present news stories with a local perspective. The agency operates with a strong emphasis on factual reporting, in-depth research, and responsible journalism, ensuring that its readers and viewers receive credible information to stay informed about the latest developments in Iraq and the wider region.

Peyanmer News Agency Hierarchy:

Chief Editor: Name: Hassan Abbas

Bio: With over two decades of experience in journalism, Hassan Abbas leads Peyanmer News Agency as its Chief Editor. Known for his exceptional editorial skills and strategic vision, Hassan has played a pivotal role in shaping the agency’s direction and maintaining its reputation for delivering reliable news. Under his guidance, Peyanmer News Agency has achieved significant milestones and continues to be a trusted source of information in Iraq and beyond.

Editorial Team:

Senior Editor: Name: Fatima Hussein

Bio: Fatima Hussein brings extensive expertise in political journalism to Peyanmer News Agency. With her keen eye for detail and analytical approach, she oversees the agency’s political coverage, ensuring that it remains accurate, balanced, and comprehensive. Fatima’s affirmation to upholding journalistic integrity has earned her respect within the industry.

Business Editor: Name: Ali Mansoor

Bio: Ali Mansoor serves as the Business Editor at Peyanmer News Agency, responsible for overseeing the agency’s coverage of economic news, market trends, and business developments in Iraq. With a strong background in financial journalism, Ali provides valuable insights into the country’s economic landscape, enabling readers to make informed decisions.

Features Editor: Name: Yasmin Kareem

Bio: Yasmin Kareem is the Features Editor at Peyanmer News Agency, responsible for curating engaging and thought-provoking stories that explore various aspects of Iraqi culture, arts, and society. With her creative approach and ability to highlight diverse perspectives, Yasmin ensures that the agency’s feature articles are both informative and captivating.

International Affairs Editor: Name: Ahmed Khalil

Bio: Ahmed Khalil heads the International Affairs desk at Peyanmer News Agency. With a deep understanding of global politics and diplomacy, Ahmed oversees the agency’s coverage of international events and their impact on Iraq and the region. His insightful analysis and comprehensive reporting contribute to the agency’s reputation as a reliable source for international news.

Investigative Journalist: Name: Omar Hassan

Bio: Omar Hassan is an accomplished investigative journalist at Peyanmer News Agency. Known for his tenacity and commitment to uncovering the truth, Omar specializes in exposing corruption, human rights abuses, and social issues. His groundbreaking investigations have earned him accolades and have had a significant impact on society.

Author: Sara Ahmed

Sara Ahmed is an esteemed journalist and a key contributor to Peyanmer News Agency. With a passion for investigative reporting, Sara has made significant contributions to the agency’s coverage of political scandals, corruption, and human rights issues in Iraq. Her relentless pursuit of truth and commitment to shining a light on societal injustices have earned her recognition within the journalism community. Sara’s articles are characterized by their depth of analysis, balanced reporting, and the ability to engage readers with compelling narratives.

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