Arrives in Bangladesh the Oxygen Express of Indian Railways –

On Saturday night, ten container rakes from Indian Railways with 200 metric tonnes of Liquid Medical Oxygen arrived in Benapole, Bangladesh.

The train started Saturday morning at Tatanagar station, Jharkhand, under the South Central Railway. The train was originally scheduled to arrive in Bangladesh on Sunday, but it came earlier and was accepted at the border by Bangladeshi authorities.

The Oxygen Express will be operating in a neighboring country for the first time. These train services were launched in India on April 24. In India, there have been 480 Oxygen Expresses.

This consignment will greatly increase the Liquid Medical Oxygen reserves in Bangladesh, which has seen a significant rise in COVID 19 cases in recent weeks.

To help fight the current covid wave, the consignment will be shipped to Bangladesh to be decanted. In a statement, the railway ministry stated that India was committed to sharing medical supplies with its nearest partners and improving its pandemic situation.

India had supplied Bangladesh more than 180 tonnes of medical oxygen during the Eid holidays, under special arrangements via the land route. Three companies from Bangladesh imported the oxygen in 11 tankers through the Benapole border point.

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