How to check the PNR status of your train with IRCTC? –

How to check the PNR status of your train with IRCTC?

If You are a train traveler you always have a question about the term PNR number and PNR status which relates to Railway ticket booking. So here is everything you should know about the PNR number or PNR status. 

What is PNR 10 Number?

PNR is the abbreviation for travelers’ name records and PNR is a number containing a 10-digit number that you get in each train ticket you book. This number is novel, which implies the PNR number for other journeys will be unique. Regardless of how to book your ticket – from counters, through IRCTC site, Rail Connect App, or outsider sites and applications – your ticket will contain a PNR number. At the point when you reserve a place for a gathering, a singular PNR number is given to a limit of 6 travelers.

What Does PNR Number Mean?

 PNR numbers contain insights concerning a traveler/s and his journey. Whenever you book a ticket in Indian Railway, the PNR number prepares your personal information just as plan details are put away in the database by the Center of Railway Information Systems (CRIS). This incorporates insights regarding the traveler (name, gender, and age) and insights into the details about the plan station (train name, number, seat, class of travel, station, reference ID, and so on). A 10-digit number – that is a PNR number – is created by the system which relates to the data taken against each reservation. In other words, it is a reference number to get to this data. The traveler and plan details will stay in the information base for a very long time after it is erased.

Where can you find PNR Number on Your Ticket?

Whatever kind of tickets or e-ticket you are booking, all the reservation bookings it has a PNR number. Whenever you book your ticket online through IRCTC your smartphone will be automatically On the ERS (Electronic Reservation Slip) and it will also be sent on your registered mobile number and email ID.

What is PNR Status?

PNR numbers give you the details about the booking status of your booked railway ticket, along with the seat, coach number, and other information about your journey. For instant booking, if you have a waitlisted seat at the time of booking you have to know whether your ticket is moved up in the list or got confirmed. You can check the reservation status through your PNR number on the IRCTC website or application. This reservation status is also called PNR Status. 

There are many types of ways through which you can check your PNR status. These include:

  • Through the IRCTC website (registered users).
  • Railways Passenger Reservation Enquiry (for unregistered users).
  • Through the IRCTC mobile app called Rain Connect.
  • Through Railway counters.
  • Through other applications and third-party websites.
  • You can also get it on the final reservation chart.

How to Check PNR Status Online

If you are a registered user of IRCTC, you can check your PNR status through your railway ticket on the IRCTC official website. 

How to check through IRCTC

Step #1 Go to the IRCTC official website.

Step #2 Login to the site using your username and password.

Step #3 Click on the ‘Trains’ option present on the Menu Bar. From the lower list choose the PNR status option. It will redirect you to the PNR status checking page.

Step #4 Enter your PNR number which is given in your ticket. Click the ‘Get Status’ button.

Step #5  Then, you will get the PNR status of your reservation with all your ticket information.

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